Key features and benefits of timber windows and doors used in your home are as follows:

High thermal resistance
Timber has a high thermal resistance compared to other commonly used building products. This reduces heat losses and provides the following benefits:
– Warmer homes with lower energy bills
– No condensation on timber surfaces, providing a healthier indoor environment

Long lifespan
With proper maintenance the lifespan of windows and doors can extend to more than 100 years. Evidence of this can be seen in the many older colonial homes still using their original timber windows and doors – and the benefit of this to a homeowner is cost savings over the extended life of a home.

More design flexibility
Timber windows and doors provide you with great design flexibility:

  • As well as standard profiles you can also use customised window and door designs.
  • Lots of paint colours for the timber and many choices of hardware fittings are available to provide you with the finished look that you want.

You can change the look
If you choose high quality paint and hardware to go with your timber windows and doors you can expect them to remain in good condition for at least ten years. At the end of this time it is relatively easy to repaint the timber and replace the hardware. In doing so you can choose styles and colours to fit in with the latest trends.

Environmentally friendly
Timber is a renewable resource with a low carbon footprint. By choosing timber windows and doors you have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping to protect our environment for future generations of people to enjoy.