The JMF New Zealand Story

The Early Days

Joinery Manufacturers Federation New Zealand Ltd (JMF NZ) has been representing and servicing the timber joinery sector through the design and testing of compliant joinery since the 1960s.

Over the years, we have designed and tested a range of timber doors and windows to meet building code requirements. In 2010 the timber joinery industry was advised by the Department of Building and Housing (now MBIE) that unless we could prove compliance with NZS: 4211 there would be no guarantee of timber joinery being accepted in the future.

With Master Joiners and McNaughton Windows and Doors as joint shareholders, we designed and tested a full suite of compliant joinery that is suitable for the New Zealand market. 

The Present

JMF now has over 100 manufacturing members providing compliant timber joinery for new builds and renovations throughout New Zealand. Members of JMF manufacture joinery utilising our construction manual and tag all compliant joinery with JMF tags for ease of identification by authorities.

We also have several associate members who support our members through the production of profiles, hardware, and other services. All our members are part of the JMF team, and we are all working toward the same goal of providing superior joinery to the New Zealand market.

Beach House

The Future

The future is looking bright for the timber joinery industry. With changes to building regulations promoting the use of thermally advanced joinery and consumers demanding warmer, healthier, and more sustainable homes, the opportunities for timber joiners are boundless.

JMF intends to continue striving for excellence for our industry. Our members are integral to what we do, and we aim to listen to the needs of the industry and respond accordingly. At JMF we are here to support the growth of the timber joinery industry and look forward to seeing more kiwis enjoying the benefits of timber joinery in their homes.