Standards and practices required of JMFNZ affiliates will ensure that NZS4211 standards are achieved and tags provided with JMF compliant joinery will provide evidence of this. This will be of great assistance to local councils and to specifiers of building materials (such as architects) by reducing their workloads and providing peace of mind that future problems are less likely to occur.

JMF affiliates are keen to share relevant information with specifiers and specifying authorities by providing access to a secure website of key and confidential information that is otherwise restricted to paid up JMFNZ members. This includes complete downloads of all sections of the JMF Manual.

Access to this secure website is made by logging in from the public website with a username and password.

We invite relevant specifying authorities, architects, building specifiers and educational institutions to apply for a username and password by filling out and submitting information in the form below.
Applicants will be required to respect the confidentiality of information provided by this secure website.



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