Why Choose Timber?

Why choose timber joinery?

Are you looking into joinery options for your project? Whether it be a commercial building, a new home or renovating an existing property there are many reasons to choose timber for your doors and window frames.

Superior Thermal Performance

Timber has a very high thermal resistance, especially compared with other building products on the market. Wood is a naturally poor conductor of heat, meaning in winter you won’t lose precious heat through the window frames and in summer your house won’t heat up in the same way.  

When combined with double or triple glazing, timber joinery is the number one choice for keeping your home a stable temperature all year
round. Not only does this make your home more comfortable, it also reduces heating and cooling costs leading to a more cost-effective home too. 

Promotes Healthier Homes

Another great benefit of timber’s superior thermal performance is a reduction in condensation on window frames.  

Condensation occurs when moisture content in the air is high, and it interacts with a cold surface area. As timber is a poor conductor of heat, the joinery does not create the same cold environment as other joinery products meaning far less condensation.

Less condensation means a drier, healthier building.

Environmentally Friendly

Timber is a long-lasting, renewable, durable product with a very low carbon footprint. The hardwoods such as cedar commonly used in timber joinery are a great choice when considering the environmental impact of any building. 

When sourced responsibly, timber boasts many environmental benefits. These include carbon sequestration during its growth phase, low waste as offcuts can be used in other ways, and at end of life the timber can either be reused for burnt as biofuel.


Timber has been the main product of choice for buildings for many centuries, and these older buildings are a clear example of how timber can stand the test of time. 

When properly maintained timber joinery will outlast most other products, saving in expensive replacement costs.

Design Flexibility

Timber frames can be shaped to suit any style, or to fit into any location making it an incredibly versatile design option. There are endless design options available to suit any project. 

Timber is not just for use in classic, villa style homes but can boast beautiful, modern clean lines and forms as well. Timber joinery can be painted any colour, and then sanded and repainted if the aesthetic changes years down the track.


Finally, timber is a great choice when considering the aesthetics of your project. Natural timber is warm, inviting and adds that extra wow-factor to any project! Whether it be an architectural new build, a heritage renovation or a modular home. Timber is aesthetically pleasing and works in a wide range of settings.